How it Works


* lay down tracks using real analog or digital hardware onto your existing recordings you’re working on
* replace unsatisfying VST/AU tracks with the real deal
* create custom samples/sample libraries with full hands-on control
* experiment to create source material for future tracks/recordings


Synth Palace offers flexible rentals from overnight, days, weeks, up to 1 month (28 days). The longer you rent the equipment, the greater the discount you receive:

1-2 days = standard day rate
3-6 days = 25% discount off day rate
1 week = about 50% discount off day rate
2-3 weeks = 60% discount off day rate
1 month (28 days) = 65% discount off day rate
Available pick up and drop off times 7 days a week: between 6-7pm

1. Search Equipment for your gear of choice.
(via equipment drop-down menu or simply use the search box)
2. Select the “Reserve” tab and then click: “Overnight Reservation”
3. Use the calendar to check availability of the equipment, then click “Book Now” to determine the length of rental.
4. Fill out your personal info and agree to contract terms of conditions. A copy of the actual contract will be signed in person upon onsite pickup of the equipment)
5. Pay by credit card or PayPal
6. Arrange pickup and drop off times by contacting us at: [email protected] or txt 514-475-4845
7. Please remember that it’s essential to bring 2 pieces of government issue photo ID and 1 proof of residence (phone bill, hydro) in order to complete the pick-up.